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10/10 RPG VIDEO GAMES 3 – Happy Console Gamer

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Johnny talks about some RPG video games he thinks deserve 10/10

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Great list. I would say you can add Earthbound to the list. For me that game will always bring back happy nostalgic memories. Every aspect of the game from its art style, characters, music, fighting, story all the way including the scratch and sniff card and strategy guide it came with.

  2. Pokemon Red. And Skyrim. Also, Skyrim. And Dark Souls II. And .hack

  3. Persona 5 best game in the history for me everything in this game is perfect

  4. Hesitant about jumping into persona 5 because P4G was just so confusing to me

  5. The first fallout is a 10/10 for me. One of the best experience I've ever had.

  6. I'm so happy you mentioned Grandia. I love that game so much! Left a huge impression.

  7. Bravely default 2 , Dragon quest 11 , Heroes of might and magic 3 , Skyrim , Final Fantasy 7 remake , golden sun , Castlevania circle of the moon .

  8. Anachronox & Shadow Hearts was some of my favorites

  9. A bit late to this party but I've recently been catching up HappyConsoleGamer videos, having only discovered the channel few months ago. Not a console game but Dungeon Master on Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and PC is a 10/10 for me despite it being a dungeon crawler. There was nothing as atmospheric at the time of release (Dec 1987) and has one of the best magic systems (still to this day) that made you feel like you were casting spells. Very influential back in the day.

  10. Why i think dragon warrior iv is superior to ff on the nes is … well the story and the structure of the game, it makes more sense….. FF just does random things often

  11. As far as as the NES Final Fantasies go, FFIII>FFI

  12. Honestly the amount of hours I put into Phantasy Star Online is depressing. I didn’t even have online play access 😕 I grinded offline for hours, and hours, and hours.

  13. I remember being a young teen when mario kart double dash came out, there was a demo in the store, i ran so fast to it that I badly knocked a child down onto the floor……………………….and I stil only cared about the demo XDD felt so guilty but it was like a parallel universe of fun and color and adventure back then playing it in the shop, things like that feel so much bigger as a kid, but anyway to that kid, sorry i knocked you over.

  14. Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne and Shin Megami Tensei IV. They're legitimately perfect, there's no series that scratches that grimdark JRPG itch the way SMT does. They're all pretty goddamn good honestly.

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