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10/10 ARCADE VIDEO GAMES 5 – Happy Console Gamer

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Johnny talks about some arcade video games he thinks deserve 10/10

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. i'm sorry, my 12/10 Arcade hit is absolutely Point Blank
    It never gets old

  2. Great video, as usuall. Hope everything is good with you all. Arcade games is my favorite in retro gaming. It was just amazing, and still is to be honest. My 10 out of 10 is:
    Final Fight
    Dragon Ninja
    Altered Beast
    Aero Fighters
    Mortal Kombat
    Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
    Prehistoric Isle
    Out Run
    Sunset Riders
    WWF WrestleFest

    I'm sure the list can be longer, but this is what comes to mind right now.

  3. Terry Bogard kept saying "F Yu" That cracked me up. lol

  4. Tekken Games in the 90's Arcades were amazing one of my favorites since I was a small child in the 90's and only 8 when the 90's ended. Favorite 80's Arcade games is Galaga, is one of my favorite and one of the games I'm personally really good at. Favorite 2D fighter is Street Fighter 2 The New Challengers, after my brother introduced me to Street Fighter 2 and other games on Snes and Sega Genesis as well as Sonic the Hegehog.

  5. Capcom made some of the best beat-em-up games. Alien vs. Predator is one of those. It's fantastic. Battle Circuit, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Armored Warriors, Captain Commando, and Punisher are great as well as far as I'm concerned. I never could get too into the D&D games though. It's not that they're poorly made or anything, as you can see a lot went into them. They clearly have their fans. But not everyone is going to love the same thing. I did like some of the ideas they put into the game like the branching paths which were well done, but other elements not as much.

    As this is more of a list of your personal favorites than anything, I'll reply in that same spirit. In terms of arcade games that really grabbed me back in the day and I played a lot, there's Double Dragon, WWF Superstars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, Spider-Man: The Video Game, and King of Fighters '97. There were probably a few more that I played a lot, and I certainly had other games I really liked, but those are the ones that stick out at the moment.

  6. I wanna say me and Johnny are about the same age. My list as follows (no order):

    01. 10 yard fight
    02. Tron
    03. Track'n Field
    04. Gyruss
    05. Donkey Kong 3
    06. Pinball (whichever)
    07. Ring King
    08. Star Wars ('83)
    09. Dig Dug
    10. Jungle Hunt

  7. Super refreshing to these games make a top 10 👍.

  8. some great picks! a few of these like Shinobi I bought on Nintendo Switch, and use the HORI fight stick mini my wife bought me to play them all… still super fun to this day! would love to see D&D re-released on Switch, but I have it on Steam if that never happens. Pretty sure I recognized the song from his #1 though! I wish I was any good at Ninja Warriors… definitely my favorite track from the folks at ZUNTATA, without a doubt!

  9. Arcade swearing. So funny. Thanks for the nostalgia vibes.

  10. “Many drug deals and you can get beat up any time…”. Man, where did you play games, in the projects? I went to the arcades and never had any bad experiences….

  11. Some arcade games I'd consider 10/10. Are TMNT & X-men arcade. Along with Metal Slug, Raiden & House of the Dead. Also there's been a few really good Aliens light gun games aswell. Fun fact I actually keep my PS3 just so I could play House of the Dead 4. Much cheaper then buying a full arcade cabinet. Also House of the Dead 2 & 3 are on PS3 too. And they look better on PS3 then on the Wii.

  12. Awesome video, you truly know what great games are and as a 45 year old I can perfectly relate to your content!

  13. I feel bad for kids these day who never got to experience the magic of an arcade (or even just a cabinet or two at the local pizza joint or laundromat)…so much fun!

  14. You're from the Vancouver area weren't you? Surely you've been to the PNE Arcade during the ACTUAL PNE (Not Fun Fair or w/e it was called). Remember that Arcade at the PNE beside all the gambling tables near the roller coaster? Sooooooooooooo many long line ups for Street Fighter II Champion Edition like 2 or 3 summers in a row. Those were my favorite Arcade experiences because no one in my own town or even on Vancouver Island would play SFII as hardcore as the rest of the world.

  15. My picks are Bosconian [1981] and Ridge Racer [1993].

  16. 10/10 Arcade games for me are: Rainbow Islands, Truxton 2, R-Type Leo, Sunset Riders, Mystic Warriors, Windjammers, Pang / Buster Bros. , Blood Bros., Violent Storm & Knights of the Round.

  17. for me there are so many

    1. OutRun
    2. OutRun 2
    3. Ridge Racer
    4. Food Fight
    5. Buggy Boy (Speed Buggy)
    6. Shinobi
    7. Pang
    8. Robocop
    9. Toki
    10. Bubble Bobble

    hon mention have to go with wangan maxumum tune racing 3

  18. Pit Fighter, TMNT, The Simpsons, and the one where you play as Godzilla or Kong and just destroy buildings

  19. I play all these on the Atgames Legends Ultimate. All fantastic. I'm dropping 10s on Batsugun, Cowboys of Moo Mesa, Sunset Riders, Bucky O'Hare, Boogie Wings, Alien Storm, Outrunners and more.

  20. Haven’t commented in a while brother but I just wanted to say 100% happy for you. I can tell you’re in a Good place in life and I have always been a big fan of your channel. Many blessings bro

  21. I loved Capcom Punisher and still a classic. I also used to played UN Squadron a lot. Fav game for me too

  22. Octagrammaton Veilchenstein der Dreizehnte says:

    Johnny, please check out Cyber Shadow! You won't regret it!!!

  23. I only have one arcade game I could easily give a 10/10 rating and that's Metal Slug 3. Might have some other 10s that I haven't bothered to rate, like Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

  24. They probably seem pretty random, since most of the hardcore arcades closed down in my area by the time I was old enough to live at one, but some games I loved at Chuckie Cheese, bowling alleys, and arcades when I did get to one were Cruis'n USA, Lethal Enforcers, Mortal Kombat II, The Simpsons Arcade Game, and TMNT Arcade Game.

  25. Check out Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World, before it’s gone! Came out of nowhere, physically released it’s really good! 👍🏼

  26. I've been playing raiden, tekken, ms pacman, arkanoid, sunset riders(i love the startup music) and TMNT turtles through time which is the only games i remember that was only available and really non forgetable. Their was other arcades on where i was but these stood out.

  27. Avsp is a classic johnny but it's a shame it's official release,was only for the capcom home arcade joystick. Really i wish alien vs predator was in a collection for modern consoles. Speaking of ninja warriors that's still one of my all time favorite arcade games too.I remember in the 90's i got to play the ninja warriors at a miniature golf course,nothing like it at the time. Now if i to were list some of my most favorite 10/10 arcade games it be these.
    Ninja Warriors
    The Simpsons
    Alien vs Predator
    Discs Of Tron
    Final Fight
    Spy Hunter

  28. in Arcade club in the Uk and they have most of your games orig cabs, been playing them in your honour.

  29. Hello HappyConsoleGamer. Taito is throwing their hat into the mini console ring with the Egret II Mini. A mini console version of their Egret II candy cab arcade machine from 1996. It will have 40 built-in games as well an additional 10 games from an SD card slot.

  30. Radiant Silvergun, Cybattler, Espgaluda 2, Metal Slug X, Outrun 2 Special Stages, and Virtual-On are all arcade games I have excessive nostalgia for (and Outrun 2 SS isn't even that old lol).

  31. I really want to play that aliens vs predator game. I guess Capcom never released it on ps4 ?

  32. giga cruseders
    sengoku 3
    hyoer pacman
    go go smile

  33. – X men
    – spiderman
    – power rangers
    – mortal kombat
    – double dragon

  34. Men i love your videos, i'm a brazilian english study and your english its so clearly. I thimg i understand ninety percent. Congratulations and bring more video xbox…

  35. I miss those days too man. Thanks for sharing!!!

  36. Double dragon, final fight, street fighter 2, samurai showdown 2, king of fighters 95, soul calibur, marvel vs capcom 2!!! There are so many others but these are the ones I remember the most playing with and against people!!! Miss arcades so much!

  37. SF2, New Zealand Story, Snow Bros are the top 3 that stand out the most from my youth, but many others that gobbled my Australian 20c pieces too.

  38. So happy to see Alien vs Predator in this video. It's one of the first arcade games I remember playing when I was a kid and my dad would take me to the arcade.

  39. Time Crisis 3 is probably my favorite arcade game ever, so many great memories with friends in high school (mid 2010s), very glad to have at least two machines in good condition in my city still, with one being a $10 unlimited play arcade.

    Other one that is an absolute must play is the same arcade has an 8 player Daytona USA setup along the back wall. I always play it but if I’ve brought along a handful of friends it’s seriously electric. Throw in some other people who pool into the other wheels and I can stay there for over an hour.

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