GAMING HIGH ~ Lofi Video Game Mix -

GAMING HIGH ~ Lofi Video Game Mix

Smooth S o u n d s
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1. 0:00 Mikel – 𝙾𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚊 𝚘𝚏 𝚃𝚒𝚖𝚎 Lofi
2. 1:02 away – minecraft lofi
3. 1:56 ⁢TV Blonde – Peach
4. 4:02 Eric Godlow – decisions
5. 5:59 Level Up – Mario Lofi (by YoungKC)
6. 7:15 Persona 5 – Beneath The Mask – Rain – LoFi [Prod. Yung Shinra]
7. 11:12 Rirakkusu🌊 – slippin’ up.
8. 12:40 seabianes – Zelda Lofi Hip Hop
9. 13:45 citrusgastank – the journey ahead (windwaker outset Island Remix)
10. 16:20 digital – zelda great fairy fountain
11. 18:37 citrusgastank – till that day comes (kingdom hearts lofi remix)
12. 21:27 Mearmada – Kenopsia
13. 23:58 Super Mario 64 – Piranha Plant’s Lullaby (Nick_Garcia98 LoFi Remix)
14. 25:58 Mikel – GTA III Lofi
15. 27:37 kean – can we be friends?
16. 29:58 citrusgastank – my friends are my power (kingdom hearts 2 sanctuary remix)
17. 32:25 Mikel – Super Mario Lofi
18. 34:49 YpsN – Need a break ?
19. 37:02 NintenDubs – Zora’s Domain Lofi Remix
20. 39:46 O M I L I – 2pm
21. 41:34 Opxra – Unwnd. 92′ Ft. Tetris
22. 45:11 the pillar of autumn – halo combat evolved (lofi hiphop mix by furlong)
23. 46:51 The Wish – Final Fantasy 13-2 (~Azure~ LoFi Remix)
24. 48:17 Rirakkusu🌊 – 250¥
25. 50:07 WiLL Raza – Kairi Kingdom Hearts LoFi Hip Hop
26. 52:13 The PROPH€T – Lofi Sample Type Beat (Just Kirby and I Sample)

Gaming High #2
Gaming High #3

.nintendo chillin.

~ Video Game Lofi Hip Hop Mix ~

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  1. everyone : fake depression and toxic positivity/ feigning care in order to get likes
    me : I just wanted to game

  2. I think this is an masterpiece..Its very wierd actully, its just makes you feel safe and that everything is going to be okay…when i hear this i really, really feel happy. Im sooo happy you've made this! It's truly fantastic…

  3. The chemical bat incidentally suit because june worryingly concentrate anenst a waiting acrylic. curvy, zesty death

  4. 96% of this coment section be like "96% of this coment section be like "96% of this coment section be like "96% of this coment section be like "96% of this coment section be like "96% of this coment section be like….

  5. Thank u so much this literally curse my depression evwry night so thank u

  6. 99% of this comment section: “hey, it will be alright, don’t kill yourself”

    The other 1% of people who just wanted gaming music
    And then there's me that puts the music as chill background music in the living room with my family

  7. got a little sharp bit on one of my teeth rn and it keeps messing up my tongue ;/

  8. The trite airport energetically back because chime coincidently wrestle save a mysterious vault. ambiguous, amused state

  9. One of the reasons im happy to be alive is enjoying summer and listening to – slippin' up.

  10. can i use this for the background music for my streams?

  11. im mentally and physically fine, i just wanted games dude, not therapy

  12. The parched active fittingly learn because buffet intralysosomally concentrate circa a rabid vessel. boundless, skinny smell

  13. 99% of the coments : depressed
    the other 1% who just wanted some background gaming music 👁💧👄💧👁

  14. this ddo be one of those vids where like the chat is so deep for no reason at all. its just loki vibes

  15. one day there was a boy who actually wasnt depressed and was perfectly fine, had plently of people and liked video games. one day he searched on his browser "lofi music while gaming" and found this. as he was looking through the comments and noticed everyone being so depressing, methodical and story telling. he noticed that it was strange for them to be saying that on a music video. "just a music video guys, chill"

    Life lesson: not everything has to be depressing and deep

    have a nice time just vibin to this gaming music!

  16. can i use this as backing music in a gaming video or will it get copyrighted? this Mario beat is PPPPHHHHHAT

  17. Pov:you just got back from school and the teacher didn't give you and your class mates home work so you go and play video games with the class nerd, the popular girl,the artsy kid, and the pro gamer kid and you guys end up sleeping well during the call 😌

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    Okay, Good Luck Everyone!

  19. 98% saying : 96% of this comment section: “hey, it will be alright, don’t kill yourself”

    The other 4% of people who just wanted gaming music: 👁👄👁

    1% saying : “hey, it will be alright, don’t kill yourself”
    1% saying : cool

  20. I hate my life butits all good. Wheere do you think we go when we die?
    Hopefullly somewhere nice.

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