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► GAME CONSOLE Sales Comparison 🎮 3D

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👋 Hello and welcome to this video that shows the sales of some of the best known consoles in history. Everything to scale to see the space it would occupy if they were all put together in the same block.

Elevators Need Rock Too – Spence (YouTube Audio Library)
Using Logic – Jeremy Korpas (YouTube Audio Library)


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  1. In this video I show the sales of some consoles (not all of them) at scale, including the recent PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, these two I have only added the sales of the launch days, I can't find more information.
    As can be seen, depending on the dimensions of each console, the blocks vary greatly in size.
    I hope you find it interesting and enjoy it.
    En este video muestro las ventas de algunas consolas (no estan todas) a escala, incluida las recientes PS5 y Xbox Series X/S, estas dos solo he añadido las ventas de los días de lanzamiento, no encontrar más información.
    Como se puede ver, dependiendo de las dimensiones de cada consola, los bloques varían mucho en tamaño.
    Espero que les resulte interesante y lo disfruten.

  2. Even though the PS2 sold more, I'm happy seeing the Nintendo DS up there

  3. You missed 3DO with 2 millions which is a sort of predecessor to Xbox.
    I'm one of the proud owners of this sweet console.

  4. If you imagine 113 million PS4s Around you, You are likely to play one!

  5. You should filmed this at 24fps to make it more accurate, because console owners eyes cannot see anything over this framerate ! 🙂

  6. The worst visual presentation of statistics. Really? WTF?

  7. i just got my ps5 from hiddentoolz on lg, thanks to those who recommended them 🙏

  8. So basically PlayStations rule the world in e-waste. B)

  9. Who else thought, “a relatively small amount” when they saw the Nintendo switch number?

  10. Wonderswan block looks a bit bigger than one PS5 unit, lmao. I bet same difference goes for the cost of one game. Had to search for some 3rd party shops like playlibra

  11. The fact these are consoles stacked on top of one another simulated in this fictional scenario for reference is amazing and scary if it happens in real life.

  12. Quest 2 is about to kick some of those aside.

  13. Playstation 2 💪🏻🤙🏻👑

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