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► GAME CONSOLE Sales Comparison 🎮 3D

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👋 Hello and welcome to this video that shows the sales of some of the best known consoles in history. Everything to scale to see the space it would occupy if they were all put together in the same block.

Elevators Need Rock Too – Spence (YouTube Audio Library)
Using Logic – Jeremy Korpas (YouTube Audio Library)


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  1. I greatly overestimated Nintendo Switch sales

  2. ꧁Mr B Fan Davi Cirne Fan 2021꧂ツ says:

    Why man is moving. Wen is zooming out

  3. That's a lot of electronic waste.
    But not wasted though

  4. Love how this jumps around by DECADES to showcase the sales lolololololololol

  5. Can somebody give me just 1 game cube and 1 Xbox 360 from all that millions

  6. So that's why I can't order a ps5, because this dude decided to buy them all and stack them for a YouTube video 😔

  7. Ah SNES? Genesis?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You know why the PS2 is on top? DVDs.
    The PS2 came out at just the right time to become a cheap DVD player as well as a game console. I had mine for 6 months before I bought my first game. It was a DVD and CD player up to that point.
    And in Japan, at the beginning, customers buying PS2s also picked up DVDs of "The Matrix". It was the end of laserdiscs and the beginning of DVDs. Oh yeah, they had been around before but they sucked. The compression was terrible and there was horrible artifacing on all explosions or sudden changes of lighting. But the compression got better, and the PS2 came out, and bam! DVDs had arrived.

  9. Wow, Im actually amazed by how poorly Xbox sells in comparison to PlayStation.

    I've always bought Xbox consoles

  10. I knew the most selled one was gonna be the PS2 lol

  11. That's a whole lot of plastic trash going into dumpsters

  12. antes de ver el video ya sabia

  13. Xbox x: doing pretty good

    Ps2: HE HE HI HO HO

  14. i would not mind dance naked on 48 million copies of xbox one could be fun bizarre but fun

  15. Surely Ps2 was a great era, 8 years of wonderful games, now 1 good game need 8 years of production and come with bilion bugs..


  17. Seeing the NES have 62 Million sales…
    It really does bring a smile to my face…

  18. playstation > rest of the world. No rage xboxnoob players :p

  19. That model of a football stadium looked Familiar but not sure where

  20. ok so the football stadium is Ewood Park, home of Blackburn Rovers. Currently sitting 15th in the English 2nd tier.
    when you know you know.

  21. The PlayStation bias is so clear it’s embarrassing. Wii was portrayed so tiny compared to the PS3 even though it sold 13 million more over it and the the PS was much bigger even though it only sold 1 million over the wii and they are both relatively similar in size.

  22. Playstation 2 💪🏻🤙🏻👑

  23. Quest 2 is about to kick some of those aside.

  24. The fact these are consoles stacked on top of one another simulated in this fictional scenario for reference is amazing and scary if it happens in real life.

  25. Wonderswan block looks a bit bigger than one PS5 unit, lmao. I bet same difference goes for the cost of one game. Had to search for some 3rd party shops like playlibra

  26. Who else thought, “a relatively small amount” when they saw the Nintendo switch number?

  27. So basically PlayStations rule the world in e-waste. B)

  28. i just got my ps5 from hiddentoolz on lg, thanks to those who recommended them 🙏

  29. The worst visual presentation of statistics. Really? WTF?

  30. You should filmed this at 24fps to make it more accurate, because console owners eyes cannot see anything over this framerate ! 🙂

  31. If you imagine 113 million PS4s Around you, You are likely to play one!

  32. You missed 3DO with 2 millions which is a sort of predecessor to Xbox.
    I'm one of the proud owners of this sweet console.

  33. Even though the PS2 sold more, I'm happy seeing the Nintendo DS up there

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